Stephanie Marshall Ward

Eats, Shoots, Edits





academic editing, social sciences, social justice, fiction, romance, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, horror


I’m passionate about fiction—and helping writers craft more compelling stories—and about nonfiction that helps us understand society and our world.

I provide line editing and copyediting to academic and trade presses and to scholars, journalists, students, and others contributing to public intellectual discourse. My focus is on human rights, social justice, sexuality and gender, social psychology, politics, and other fields in the social sciences.

I also edit fiction and memoirs, specializing in romance and speculative fiction. I help authors celebrate their strengths while improving their writing. I work with indie authors to create and polish books readers will love, strengthen their writing skills, and navigate the road to self-publishing and marketing their books. I also edit fiction and nonfiction for publishers and authors going the traditional publishing route. If you’re seeking an agent or publisher, I can provide substantive feedback on your query and synopsis (and edit it for you). And if you’re an indie author, I can help you with that dreaded blurb for your book cover and advertisement.



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