Steen Kristian Gilbertson


Berlin, Germany



Academic, environmental technology, financial, commercial real estate


Following a 20-year career in business management, commercial real estate lending and real estate development, in early 2013, I made a significant change and returned to Germany where my career originally began. I now take on editing and translation projects for a variety of clients, including large public companies, small- and medium-sized firms, research institutes, academics, marketing agencies and many others. My business background has made real estate and finance two natural specializations, while the LEED accreditation I did several years ago has taken me into the realm of environmental technology. I have edited or translated annual reports, websites, marketing materials, scripts, scholarly articles and dissertations, and applications. My focus is on clarity with the reader in mind. One of the things I enjoy most about this kind of work is having the opportunity to help spread big ideas that have the potential to make the world a more livable place.


+49 1590 175 8933

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