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self-published authors


Ready to polish your manuscript? Let me take care of the details. I specialize in copy editing for self-published authors.

Every author needs a good copy editor. When you have been working with material for any length of time, your eyes see what you meant to say instead of what is actually on the page. Only fresh eyes catch the most mistakes.

I love copy editing. In school, I thought diagramming sentences was fun. Spelling bee champion? You bet. I can spot two spaces after a period when there should only be one – nowadays, that is. Don’t even get me started on the Oxford comma.

I believe strongly in preserving the author’s voice. Good copy editing simply smooths out the lumps and bumps. I will let your style shine through while ensuring your message is clear.

My outside interests include music, theater, reading, travel, painting, yoga, nature walks, dancing, and cooking. I have lived in seven different states but happily call California home.

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