Shelley Routledge

The Book Editorial Expert





Adult, Young Adult and Children's Fiction


Hi, I'm Shelley, and over my 14-year journey of being a developmental fiction editor, I've had the pleasure of turning rough drafts into polished novels by internationally successful authors such as Sarah Naughton, June Taylor, Ruth Ware, Emma Haughton, Kim Slater, Rupert Wallis, Lara Williamson and many more. I am particularly passionate about working with YA, Women's fiction, literary fiction and all genre thrillers.

I take a holistic approach to developmental editing, so that the bigger picture elements are considered alongside the nuance of each and every word and line. I focus on the commercial potential and saleability of a manuscript whilst maintaining and respecting the authorial voice. I am a friendly, warm professional, who will edit your novel with the utmost care and sensitivity. I can guarantee that it will be in a safe and very creative pair of hands.

I'm a perpetual learner, constantly training with editorial organisations worldwide, such as the Professional Editors Network, Editorial Freelancers Association, and the Chartered institute of Editors and Proofreaders amongst many others. I am also a Partner Member of The Alliance of Independent Authors.

So, if you're ready to improve your manuscript into something you can be proud of, let's chat.


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