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Health care, Academic, Medical, Research, Journals, Manuscripts, News, Web copy, College essays, Textbooks, Corporate communications, Executive communications, Public health, Public policy, Government, Law


Hi! My name is Shadee (shah-dee). I am an award-winning writer, editor and communications strategist with a background in journalism, health care, marketing and research. After receiving my bachelor's degree in communications, I spent several years as a journalist, starting as a political reporter and editor for The Huffington Post. I later received my master's in science in public health from Johns Hopkins University and began working as a research editor for City of Hope. For the past three years, I have served as UCLA Health's principal editor, where I am responsible for ensuring the highest level of accuracy, clarity and sophistication across a diverse range of publications and materials. These include magazines, faculty research papers, news stories, patient education, websites and blogs, executive communications, grant proposals, policy documents, newsletters, advertisements, brochures, video and radio scripts, crisis communications, and more.

As a freelancer, I offer the following services: writing, editing (all types), fact checking and consultations.

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