Sarah Mayor



Center Point, TX, USA



Mainly manuscripts of fiction, nonfiction, self-help, business, and memoirs. I'll also review website content, articles, and blogs.


Hello! I love wordsmithing. Having edited for over 30 years, I am both efficient and effective. I also freelance a bit via Upwork; you can view my profile at You can also learn more about me at

The written word can change lives, yes. Written poorly, authors lose that opportunity because their manuscript isn't compelling. Page-turners require work and absolute respect for the reader; lose the reader, and you've lost the chance to change a life. Not to mention, those who love your writing will *tell others.* (Think free advertising.)

I am a deeply experienced editor, proofreader, and a native English speaker with a B.A. in English. Those I've trained as language QA specialists have called me a "militant stickler" for proper wording, grammar, punctuation, and concise written communication. My focus is on editing books, articles, and online content. There are different kinds of edits, and authors are at different places in terms of writing acumen. For this reason, I ask for a sample before launching an edit with a new client.

I hope you will consider my many years of editing/writing experience; you will find me to be a dependable, conscientious, and skilled partner.


Sarah Mayor



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