Sara Letourneau

Heart of the Story Editorial & Coaching Services


Greater Boston, MA / Remote



Speculative fiction, literary fiction, YA, creative nonfiction, self-help nonfiction, and poetry


Looking for a fresh perspective on your story's plot, characters, etc.? Concerned about how to make your prose "sound like you" and have your manuscript meets its genre's recommended word count? I can help you with all of this, while staying true to your creative vision and unique voice.

I graduated from Curry College (outside Boston, MA) with a BA in English Literature and Writing, earned a Certificate in Copyediting from Emerson College, and worked 10+ years as a copy editor / proofreader in the corporate world. In my spare time, I’ve written my own stories; critiqued other writers’ manuscripts; published poems in literary journals; attended literary conferences regionally and abroad; and freelanced for websites such as DIY MFA and Writers Helping Writers.

In addition to editing, I offer literary coaching. So if you’re struggling with getting that story idea onto the page, perfectionistic habits that harm your process, or a lack of confidence in your craft, I can help you with this as well.

Would you like me to help you get to the heart of your story? Send me an email using the contact information below. I look forward to hearing from you!


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