SandyJo Rogers

Rogers Edits





Academic: Humanities, Social Sciences, and Hard Sciences; Fiction; ESL


I have a PhD from the University of Leipzig and experience in both academic editing and translating from German and in informal beta reading and editing for fictional works. Much of my academic experience involves ESL authors, so I have experience with reworking a text to make the English sound more natural while preserving the author's voice. I can also provide translation services from German to English.

I am also comfortable editing footnotes and bibliographies so long as the desired style is provided.

My editing credits include articles for journals and volumes, including The Oxford Encyclopedia of Biblical Theology; full books; symposium presentations; master theses and doctoral dissertations; and grant proposals.

I always do a minimum of two read-throughs for any given work and have a particular focus on consistency. I believe in the importance of communication and am more than happy to stay in contact with you in order to provide you the best service possible!


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