Rebecca Bayuk

Rabble of Bees Editorial





Literary fiction, creative nonfiction, memoir


I'm Rebecca, aka Rabble of Bees Editorial. I work with writers at various stages of the creative process to help uncover their best work yet.

Editorial services I provide include:
- manuscript critique
- ideas development
- developmental editing
- line editing
- copy editing
- proofreading
- book interior design & formatting for self-publishing

I believe that the writer-editor relationship is crucial in a successful editing process. It's important to me that my writers feel they have a supportive reader, listener and coach in me as well as an editor. My goal is that you leave our work together feeling not only proud of the project you've just finished, but more confident about those you'll take on in the future.

I'm happy to offer sample edits of up to 1,000 words for writers looking for a new editor; the best way to assess whether a creative partnership will work, of course, is by giving it a trial run!

Find further information at my website,, or by looking me up on Instagram @rabbleofbees. I look forward to hearing from you!



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