Ranee Boyd Tomlin

Words for Stories





I've completed multiple training programs and have experience in copyediting, research, fact-checking, proofreading, and writing a wide variety of narrative. My projects have included the genres of history, memoir, essay, historical fiction, fantasy, thriller, romance, business, education, career materials, geography for kids, articles, blogs, white papers, and websites.


In polishing your story to the best version of itself, look to the training, knowledge, and experience of a wordsmith and guide committed to serious, ongoing learning and development.

If you're ready to dig into the nitty-gritty of honing your narrative, enlist an empathetic and flexible professional who
~ keeps up with changes in word usage, style guides, and grammar,
~ suggests, explains, and supports with respect for your voice and vision, and
~ understands how to apply ​the nuances of tone and register to the stories of nonfiction, fiction, and informational content.

I'm detail obsessed. Thorough. Responsible. Deadline driven. And easy to work with.

My services include
~professional, trained copyediting and proofreading,
~researching, fact-checking, and updating information, or
~writing original, relevant online content.

​My copyediting isn't developmental, structural, or stylistic editing. Those editing levels address big-picture issues, and they're the editing that happens before the story gets to me, the detail person.

As a copyeditor, I focus on
~mechanics and grammar,
~internal consistency,
~factual consistency that can be checked quickly,
~word usage, redundancy, wordiness, and unintended repetition,
~awkward sentence construction,
~sentence and paragraph length that affects readability, and
~biased language not integral to the story or dialogue.



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