Rachel Kang


Charlotte & Remote



Children's Books, Nonfiction, Academic, Medical


I love words, I love helping people & I love helping people find their words. I've critiqued, coached and/or created content for over 15 private clients and 3 professional businesses; I've also edited 2 nonfiction books.

My Bio: Rachel Kang is a writer, an editor, and an unapologetic encourager of hearts. She is a 2011 graduate from Nyack College in Nyack, New York and holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Studies with a Concentration in Creative Writing (GPA: 3.25, Cum Laude). In 2013, Rachel released her debut children's book, The Good Friend, in partnership with MyFairyTaleBooks, a Personalized Children's Gifts company headquartered in Goshen, New York. MyFairyTaleBooks was named a PACER Organization Champion and donated 10% of all October 2013 sales of The Good Friend to PACER to support anti-bullying initiatives. The Good Friend was also awarded the Preferred Choice Award by Creative Child Magazine in 2013.


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