Paula Lopez

My Edit Check





Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Academic


I am a copyeditor and proofreader. I edit with passion, precision, and determination, making sure the writer's voice and message come through clearly. Clients choose me because I can handle complex editing tasks with ease, allowing them to focus on their craft while feeling confident I will take care of the rest.

I edit fiction and non-fiction books, thesis and doctoral dissertations, magazine articles and school district manuals, religious manuals, blog posts, and more. You can put your trust in My Edit Check services. I work with individual writers/authors and publishers. I am a Production Editor for an independent fiction writer with several best-selling, published books. I have experience editing science fiction and fantasy, mystery/thriller, and young adult novels.

Over the past 12 years, I have worked with individual writers, college professors, and publishers. I have an extensive background in social sciences.

I have copyedited and proofread a non-fiction published book, assisted doctoral students with organizing and editing their dissertations, and critiquing articles for a professional journal.


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