Pamela Marie Cyran

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Salem, MA or Remote



Academia, nonfiction, fiction (adult, YA, sci-fi, fantasy, historical, thriller, horror, romance, erotica), comics, graphic novels, websites, event programs, marketing materials


I have been professionally editing in various capacities for five years, though I’ve been a linguist and lover of words for many more. Currently, I am the copy editor for the New England Anime Society, the non-profit organization that hosts the annual Anime Boston convention and other smaller Japanese cultural events throughout the year.

I began my editing journey as a legal editor, copyediting and proofreading estate planning and immigration documents. I later transitioned to a full-time immigration writer and editor, focusing on employment-based petitions. My job was to present the research of my clients, who were postdoctoral academic and medical researchers, using language that could be understood by non-experts, while still keeping the integrity and accuracy of the original work. This led me to become familiar with the structure of academic manuscripts and complex terms and concepts in a wide variety of fields (humanities, medical sciences, astronomy and astrophysics, and data science). As a result of this experience, my specialty is ensuring a manuscript is understandable to the targeted audience.

Throughout my career, I have edited a broad range of documents, from nonfiction to fiction, novels to comics, and websites to marketing materials. I am a reader of all genres and a linguist studying the evolution of language.


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