Naomi Burns

Copy Cat Editing


Charlotte, NC (or remote)



Business/corporate communications, specializing in digital and marketing content | Nonfiction/fiction trade and scholarly books/articles


Copyeditor and proofreader who works with corporate clients and publishers
— Copyediting Certificate, UC San Diego
— 19 years of editorial freelancing; 2 years in-house
— Expert-level Chicago, APA, and AP style

“I pride myself on my own copyediting skills, but I bow in awe before you! The job you did on our book is nothing short of remarkable, and I thank you for it.” —John Wiley Jr., Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind

“It’s hard to find the perfect mix of rigid and flexible in an advertising copyeditor, but Naomi is just that. She ensures our projects are pristine and error-free while also following each client’s unique style and voice. Whether she’s asked to review a half-page advertisement or a 40-page magazine, Naomi gives every task her complete attention. There’s no one else I’d want on my team to help safeguard our brands and produce accurate, polished copy every time.” —Ashley Padgett, Wray Ward

“Naomi is my best editor and invaluable. Her work is excellent, and I really rely on her skills, expertise, and gentle but wise editing hand.” —Patricia Lynn Morrison, editorial director



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