Matthew Anderson





Agriculture, International Relations, Small-Business Marketing, Technology, Religion, EFL, ESL, Academic Papers, CVs


My experience ranges from editing in support of small businesses to providing editorial support for United Nations organizations.

I worked for nearly a decade as the director of social media for a mid-sized public university in the United States, and I have been the editor-in-chief of a small-town newspaper for several years as well. I also have several years' experience working as a freelance journalist for regional newspapers.

In editing a range of documents for the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), I have gained a good understanding of agricultural issues, especially as they relate to international relations. Through that work I also have honed my skills in editing English-language texts from non-native speakers of English from many countries, particularly in Europe and Central Asia.

I earned a master’s degree in communication and media in Budapest, Hungary, and I lived for long enough in Mexico to have acquired a working understanding of Spanish.

I've edited published academic texts and reports for universities in Albania and Serbia, and I have several years of experience as an adjunct professor of journalism. I enjoy editing Christian works, and I excel at editing CVs and resumes for content, clarity and grammar.


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