Marlee Kobzej





Specialized in writing and editing search engine optimized web content, blog posts, marketing materials. Skilled in editing and proofreading academic essays and papers, professional journal papers, graduate school application essays and professional certification essays.


Writing, editing and proofreading are second nature for me, influenced by my formal education in journalism, English and teaching. I approach writing with a journalist's curiosity, an English major's compulsiveness for correctness and a teacher's desire to impart information to her students. As such, my writing style is informative, concise and approachable.

As for editing, my background in journalism trained me to ask questions to ensure I'm getting the answers I need, so you'll be sure that there are no informational gaps in your copy; my English education introduced me to a myriad of authors all with their own application of the elements of style--diction, point of view, tone and theme--and this gives me the knowledge of how to apply these elements to your copy; and my teaching experience gives me the skills to be able to assess your audience and adjust the elements of style accordingly.

And, proofreading, well, there's not a thing I don't read with a discerning eye, trying to catch any mistake.



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