Maria D'Marco



Kansas City, but collaborate with authors around the globe



Developmental/Substantive/Line Editing of YA, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, and any genre ESL translated material


I am a developmental specialist editor of 20+ years, working with fiction authors in multiple genres, as well as ESL books translated from Russian, Latvian, Polish, German, and Spanish. I also offer in-depth writing support by performing substantial rewrites, or ghost-editing, for authors who aren't confident of their writing skills. This service is an intense collaborative effort.

First-time authors are welcomed with editorial support that moves beyond simply editing their work. I also assist with agent searches, as well as query letter/synopses/back cover blurb reviews. A first book can be a tremendous undertaking, with issues never imagined, and so, as an editor, it's great to always say to my authors: I'm here for you.

I work with very rough drafts through to final-polish copy edits. I regularly perform continuum edits, including multiple level edits and trilogies or series. I enjoy long-term relationships with my authors and jealously guard the trust we share. I have firm values and ideals about editing, believing that an editor plays many roles during an edit, but none are task-master, know-it-all, or judge. My job is to help an author produce the best iteration of their book - period.


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