Marg Gilks

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Fiction of all lengths and genres but especially SF, fantasy, and historical fiction; trade nonfiction; magazines, catalogues, brochures, handbooks, and more.


I’m a freelance editor who specializes in fiction—although I don't work on fiction exclusively. In the past nineteen years I've worked one-on-one with authors to prepare their manuscripts for publication in American and Canadian markets, and I've edited over 250 novels and nonfiction books and countless short pieces for publishers, companies, and individuals. My manuscript evaluations are another popular service; I've performed over 200 of those.A writer myself, I have a list of writing credits that spans twenty years, and I bring that experience and empathy to my editing. I know what it feels like to be the writer. I started editing as a proofreader, working for ten years at one of the top 100 commercial printers in Canada to ensure that thousands of greeting cards and myriad marketing materials, from coupons to catalogues hundreds of pages long, were error-free. I edit manuscripts for both American and Canadian publishers, and I've worked with authors in thirteen countries.I have experience editing all lengths and genres of fiction; reference books, self-help and inspirational books, memoirs and biographies; I also work on magazines, newsletters, catalogues and brochures, and more. Contact me to learn how I can help you with your project.



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