Lorelei Rose Aucherie





Academic, Non-fiction, Theology, Philosophy, Children's Literature, Religion, Spirituality, Sustainability


Dear writer,

Our common goal is to serve your reader well by crafting something beautiful, good, and true. I see my role as that of a kind of jeweller. My final goal is to optimise the brilliance and lustre of your ideas. Like the work of a jeweller, the work of an editor is a delicate process requiring specific skills and knowledge, tools and experience. I am here to adjust, clean and appraise your piece of writing.

My preliminary analysis of your rough writing will address many issues, including flow, logic, assumptions, meaning, and impact. After the initial cutting, your textual jewel will be shaped by many stages of polishing. I will then reexamine it for possible remaining flaws.

I will approach your project with an attitude of humility and excitement to live out my role as the first advocate for your writing and for the reader.

Please email me for details on partnering up and my availability.


Lorelei Aucherie

- Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Philosophy, with a minor in Catholic Theology (2015-2020).

Additional Training:
- Poynter ACES Certificate in Editing
- Proofreading and Copyediting with 'The Chicago Manual of Style' EFA Course


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