Lisa Madeleine

Next Draft Editing Studio


Remote (Dallas/Ft. Worth area)



Internal Communications, Business Editing, Blog Editing, Marketing Editing


Hi! I’m Lisa Madeleine, your editor and community word nerd. When you work with me, I offer you the knowledge, perspectives and people skills gleaned from my extensive career of 20+ years in not just editing but human resources, internal communications, and customer service. In my personal day-to-day, I dream of traveling this beautiful country in a little travel trailer with my amazing husband and our brilliant son. I can edit from (almost) anywhere; taking on your project and finding a quiet spot with a scenic view sounds like a dream come true.

I’m an introvert inside, but I’ve successfully become a “fake” extrovert, and I pride myself on being intuitive and empathetic. I aim to focus on the details and stay organized, yet my desk is a total mess. I approach the world pragmatically but see what it can ideally become. I think I may be a walking oxymoron, but please don’t judge me. I just try to be an advocate for those who often have been disregarded: children, animals, and grammatical truth.


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