Lisa Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick Studio


Los Angeles, CA



Non-fiction, entertainment, film, memoir, health, wellness, biography, how-to, business


Seasoned writer and executive editor, Lisa has over twenty years’ experience managing the editorial efforts of a broad variety of clients, from traditional publishers and film studios to production companies, global nonprofits and independent creatives.

The author of four books and ghostwriter for numerous books and essays, her titles include the bestseller The Art of James Cameron's AVATAR, SHREK: The Art of the Quest, The Making of AVATAR and the forthcoming Men in Black: A Retrospective (2019). Lisa has developed dozens of entertainment, art book and photography publications including the authorized, directorial biography CLINT EASTWOOD: Master Filmmaker at Work (Abrams), an anniversary edition for the USC School of Cinematic Arts, and a series of policy-driven, non-fiction photobooks for the Global Environmental Facility. Prior to her print work, she edited dozens of long form, original spoken-word titles featuring thought leaders, scientists, researchers and educators on various subjects.

As an executive editor, Lisa spearheaded the evolution from inception of editorial departments for two enduring, mid-sized publishing houses. In acquisitions, she has identified and developed hundreds of titles for the book trade. Experienced developmental and line editor, Lisa has had the opportunity to assist in the career development of dozens of writers, educators and visual artists.



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