Lillian Duggan



Nonfiction, Fiction


Everyone deserves to get their story out there, to share their ideas and experiences in the clearest, cleanest manner.

I have 25 years of experience in the publishing industry, both in-house and freelance. I’ve worked on a diverse array of projects, including fiction, nonfiction, personal essays, doctoral dissertations, nonprofit materials, and more.

I think of myself as your reader’s advocate, putting myself in their shoes to ensure that your writing is technically sound, clear, and accessible while maintaining your unique voice.

It is my passion to work with creative communicators with whom I share a mutual dedication to professionalism, an open dialogue, and the beauty of the written word. I will work to create an open channel of communication with you, so you’re comfortable with the editing process and confident that your work stays true to your intentions and is treated with the utmost care.

No matter the genre or market, I can help bring harmony to your writing and enable you to connect with your readers.



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