Lauren Daitch


Remote, Atlanta Georgia



Academic, Stem, Assistive Technology, Biology, Research, Peer Review


I am a full-time student pursuing a Bachelors of Sciences in Neuroscience. I work in the Electronic Text (Etext) media production department at the Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The Etext media production department converts textbooks and other educational materials, such as PowerPoint presentations, to an accessible format. The accessible media is then used by students with visual impairment and learning disabilities through the use of computer screen reader software such as JAWS. Textbooks are scanned and read by optical recognition software and converted to text. Once the text is created, it is proofread the text errors and image descriptions are added. The Etext is then edited in the quality control stage of production. I am an expert in the following subjects: literature review, original research, historical content, and educational materials for: biology, chemistry, calculus, and physics.



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