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General trade nonfiction: cookbooks, gardening, self-help, nature, health, career, arts, education, as well as fiction, marcom, and tech


I'm a dedicated editorial professional with decades of experience creating and clarifying words that persuade, inform, entertain, and inspire. Substantive editing is my specialty. I love earning kudos like these:
"Kristi, without a doubt, that was the most complete and well done edit I have seen in nearly 20 years of doing this kind of stuff. I am deeply appreciative and sincerely hope that I can call upon you for my future needs. I really like the style that you flow with. . . . So, please accept my most sincere gratitude."--Sepehr Egrari, MD, textbook chapter author
“Also thank you to my exquisite copyeditor, Kristi Hein, who whipped this book into shape and delighted me with our amusing sideline exchanges about jacket flap spoilers, vampires, and corkscrews.” --Jessica Brody, "Save the Cat! Writes a Novel"
“Kristi Hein, copyeditor, is the reason these recipes and essays read like real recipes and not the notes from a cook's workbook, all shorthand and lists.” --Abra Berens, "Ruffage"
"We would also like to thank our copy editor, Kristi Hein, for her tireless and masterful editing. The book you have in your hands is better than it was because of Kristi’s gentle touch and astute suggestions during the editing process." --John P. Forsyth and Georg H. Eifert, "Anxiety Happens"
“Thank you again for the great edit and for making the process such a pleasure. We are all happy . . . and amused with your input and additions and asides.” --Carlye Adler, coauthor with Mikkel Svane of "Startupland"
I look forward to helping you polish what you have to say!



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