Kristen Bennett Chavez

Articulate Editing Services


Valencia, CA



Fiction line editing and copy editing


Have you crafted a compelling and well-structured story but suspect your writing lacks the professional polish it needs to be ready for the marketplace? I can help with that! I'll make sure your story is clear, consistent, and smooth while maintaining your unique style and voice.

I have a bachelor's degree in English Literature (with elective classes in creative writing, poetry writing, and children's literature), an associates's degree in Illustration, and a specialized certificate in Copyediting from the University of California, San Diego Extension.

More important, I have a detail-oriented, artistic eye, great at catching problems with writing mechanics; an artistic ear, in tune with the rhythms and flow of your sentences; and an emotionally responsive, intuitive personality that enables me to connect with a story and inhabit the characters.

I especially enjoy working with first-time, independent authors and specialize in young adult and middle grade fiction, romantic suspense, fantasy/adventure, and women's fiction.


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