Krista Dapkey

KD Proofreading





Contemporary Romance, Sweet Romance, Steamy Romance, Romantic Suspense, Paranormal Romance, YA, MG


With experience editing and proofreading romance, young adult, and middle grade fiction, I also hold a BA in Pyschology and an MS in School Counseling.

As an avid reader, I appreciate the written word and admire the fortitude a dedicated author pours into their craft. I firmly believe that regardless of subject matter or the content’s destination, all an author wants is for their work to shine. The symbiosis between a writer and I, as a proofreader, is simple: the pride I take in my work is meant to make your work shine its brightest.

In addition to reading, I also enjoy sewing and baking. Although it’s up for debate, it has been suggested that I have a slight addiction to the Hallmark channel; but in my defense, I (usually) only watch while I’m sewing or baking. Or during Christmastime. Or any other season of the year.


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