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Contemporary Romance, Sweet Romance, Steamy Romance, Romantic Suspense, Paranormal Romance, YA, MG


With experience editing and proofreading romance, young adult, and middle grade fiction, I also hold a BA in Pyschology and an MS in School Counseling.

As an avid reader, I appreciate the written word and admire the fortitude a dedicated author pours into their craft. I firmly believe that regardless of subject matter or the content’s destination, all an author wants is for their work to shine. The symbiosis between a writer and I, as a proofreader, is simple: the pride I take in my work is meant to make your work shine its brightest.

In addition to reading, I also enjoy sewing and baking. Although it’s up for debate, it has been suggested that I have a slight addiction to the Hallmark channel; but in my defense, I (usually) only watch while I’m sewing or baking. Or during Christmastime. Or any other season of the year.


Krista was very thorough and found corrections that I never would have thought of. She was a joy to work with and I look forward to future projects with her.

—Myra Wards
Author of Sing for Me


Krista is an amazing professional who has been very responsive and efficient. I was sure I'd corrected all the misspellings, but boy does she have a sharp eye for those hidden mistakes that my eye failed to catch. My commas were all over the place, thank God I have Krista to fix them. Rest assured that her critique is very constructive, I was excited to start working and going over all her suggestions. I know my manuscript will be so much better for all the work that Krista has put in. I will absolutely work with her in the future!

—Anya Stassiy
Author of Spice of Love


Krista did an amazing job proofreading my debut novel. For a new author, getting it just right the first time is so important, and she delivered just that, catching all the extra spaces, incorrect or missed punctuation, and typos. She works quickly and is super-friendly too. I'll be hiring her for future work. Thanks, Krista!

—Amanda Bailey
Author of The End of Me


If you think you don’t need a proofreader, you’re wrong! Krista is the Comma Queen … with her help, my manuscript is now polished, professional, and free from the type of errors that turn readers away. She finds those pesky details that the author doesn’t see because we are just too close to the work or simply don’t know any better. It’s “tenterhooks” not “tenderhooks!” Who knew? Krista did! She saved me from many grammatical errors that might prompt a reader to leave a bad review. She is fast, thorough, and is also very kind about the frantic energy many new authors bring to their work. I highly recommend KD Proofreading for quality proofing services!

—Mavis Williams
Author of Legally in Love


I’m so glad I stumbled upon Krista, from KD Proofreading. Without intruding on my author’s voice, she polished my writing, finding small errors others had missed and offered suggestions that made my writing pop. I would recommend her in a heartbeat, and plan to use her services in the future.

—Georgia Tingley
Author of Having Faith



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