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Fiction (science fiction, mystery, fantasy, romance, literary fiction, Christian fiction, erotica)


My name is Kelly Cozy, and at Bookside Manner, I provide affordable proofreading, copyediting, and line editing services for all genres of fiction and for all manuscript lengths.

Before becoming a full-time freelance editor, I was an editor and writer for a variety of companies; I have more than two decades of experience as an editor. I was also the author of four self-published novels (one of which is now published by Kindle Press) and one nonfiction book; I've experienced the author-editor relationship from both sides, and you can rely on me not just to provide you with a keen eye for editorial details and good turnaround time but to ensure that your authorial voice stays intact.

If you'd like to see whether my editing style is a good match for you and your manuscript, send email to for a free sample edit.


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