Katherine Ann Wiley

Goldenrod Editorial





Academic, Humanities & Qualitative Social Sciences, Anthropology, African Studies


I’m an academic developmental editor, which means that I focus on big picture issues in writing, including argument, structure, engagement with sources, organization, voice, and narrative flow. As a former tenured professor and writing instructor, I draw upon my own experiences in publishing, writing, and research to deliver outstanding support. I’ll provide you with detailed feedback on your work, helping you to produce high-quality, thought-provoking writing for academic journals and university presses. Goldenrod’s Latin name (solidago) means “to make whole”; my job as an editor is to help you achieve your full potential as an author and make your work the best it can be.

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I offer developmental editing, as well as substantive or line editing. I can also provide coaching support. I edit books and articles as well as job materials and grant applications. My background is interdisciplinary, with a PhD in anthropology and a BA in English as well as publishing and teaching experience in gender studies, African studies, global studies, history, Islamic studies, and writing. This means that I edit in a wide range of subjects in the qualitative social sciences and the humanities.


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