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Winner of the 2017 ACES Robinson Prize for furthering the craft of professional editing, Karen Yin coined the terms "conscious language" and "conscious editing" and helped catapult conscious practices and critical thinking—for editors and writers and beyond—through several acclaimed digital tools, including Conscious Style Guide, The Conscious Language Newsletter, the Editors of Color Database, and AP vs. Chicago. Conscious Style Guide was named by Poynter as a top tool for journalists in 2018 and is recommended by ACES, CMOS Online, Buzzfeed, EFA, SPJ, Poets & Writers, SCBWI, and many others, including NASA. Karen serves on the Chicago Manual of Style Advisory Board and has been consulted by ACES, EFA, and AP Stylebook.

Karen is the author of two picture books, Whole Whale (Barefoot Books, 2021) and So Not Ghoul (Page Street Kids, 2022). Acclaim for Karen’s fiction includes a Lambda Literary Fellowship, a Table 4 Writers Foundation grant, an SCBWI Nonfiction Grant, and selection of her flash fiction by the L.A. Public Library for its permanent collection.

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