Karen Wise


Newton, MA



Cookbooks, plus other trade nonfiction: health, parenting, entertainment, self-improvement, biography/memoir, etc.; also K-12 educational materials


For 30 years, it has been my mission to help authors express themselves clearly and authentically, without letting my own voice creep in. Authors request to work with me time and again, because they say I really “get” them and make the process easy for them. And publishers appreciate my experience and my ability to get the job done, not only properly but also by the deadline and within the budget.

I specialize in cookbooks and have worked on big-name, award-winning books as well as smaller, single-subject books. Whether the topic is paleo or vegan, slow cooker or cocktails, I’ve probably done a cookbook about it. In addition to cookbooks, I work on all kinds of trade nonfiction, and I also still love to do textbooks, which is how I got my start.



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