Judy Gruen

Judy Gruen Communications


Los Angeles/Remote



Non-fiction (healthcare, psychology, business and Judaism in particular); narrative non-fiction, essays/op-eds


I’m an author, journalist, editor and ghostwriter who loves helping clients get their messages across with a maximum of clarity and a minimum of fuss. I have a special interest in the topics of psychology, societal issues, marriage and family, complementary/holistic health, and Jewish spirituality. My goal is to make my clients’ work accessible and clear, in the appropriate voice for the intended audiences. I'm also the author of 5 non-fiction books (3 humor; 1 business; 1 memoir), and have ghostwritten books on self-help, holistic healing, and Jewish philosophy.

My own work has been published in the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, L.A. Times, Jewish Journal, The Wisdom Daily, and many other media outlets. I work enthusiastically and diligently, and am flexible in meeting changing parameters of various projects.

“Judy is a true gift to work with. I urge you to hire her.” — Michael Levin, founder and CEO, The Michael Levin Writing Company

“Judy Gruen sees the minute details as well as the bigger picture. She’s responsible, highly intelligent, extremely skilled, and incredibly likable. She’s an indispensable asset to any author.” — Tabby Refael, MPD, columnist, The Jewish Journal; Board of Directors, 30 Years After



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