Jill Scehovic

Commas and Misdemeanors





Fiction, nonfiction


More than 20 years of experience chasing down dangling modifiers, confused homophones, and forgotten fragments. Manuscripts are checked for typos, improper grammar, missing and erroneous punctuation, incorrect word spacing, bad word and line breaks, maligned paragraphs, inconsistent formatting, and more.

What I have worked on:

Fiction and nonfiction books, magazines and newspapers, advertising and marketing materials, blog posts and web articles, business reports and financial publications, grant proposals and outreach literature, dissertations and theses, scientific papers and legal contracts, and more

Where I have worked:

Several independent fiction and nonfiction book publishers, an award-winning magazine publisher, two highly successful online editing services, two top Los Angeles ad agencies, Arizona's largest daily newspaper, one of the largest education providers in North America, a financial printing firm that had been the oldest publicly traded company in the United States, and the largest animal welfare organization in the world

Specializing in the final polish that will help make your manuscript stand out and shine.


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