Jill R. Hughes

the editor's mark





Academic, nonfiction, fiction, poetry, memoirs; gender studies, women's studies, politics, film studies, music studies, military history


I have been a successful freelance copyeditor for 18 years . My academic press clients include University of Illinois Press, Indiana University Press, and Princeton University Press. Mainstream trade publishing clients include Penguin Random House, Perseus Books Group, and Bloomsbury USA. Three of the books I am proudest of working on are The Politics of Truth, by former ambassador Joseph Wilson; Obama on the Home Front, by John D. Graham; and Hands on the Freedom Plow, by Faith S. Holsaert et al.

Although I am primarily a copyeditor, I have experience in substantive and developmental editing as well. Most of my clients follow Chicago style, but I am also comfortable with MLA and APA styles. I work in Microsoft Word.

Among my strengths are fact-checking, keeping a detailed style sheet, flagging overused words and redundancies, and suggesting synonyms and changes to phrasing. I am the reader’s advocate, so I query text if there is a potential for misunderstanding. Communicating directly with authors is one of my favorite parts of the job, and I'm very comfortable in working with them from the initial copyedit to cleanup and query integration.



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