Jenifer Servais






Technical editing, marketing content editing, copy editing, developmental editing, rewriting, memoir editing, style guide creation, content writer coaching, and content process consulting


My editing roots come from writing and editing for large companies, including IBM, Microsoft, and Mayo Clinic. I’ve also trained and led writing and editing teams, created and maintained style guides, and served on a corporate style council. Midway through my career, my good friend Mike asked me to edit a memoir he was writing for a client. I enjoyed the creativity of this type of editing so much that I helped him with a couple of others. My memoir interests include life stories, farming, country living, mental health, personal challenge, romance, culture, food, living abroad, and travel.

For me, crafting words is business ... and it's personal. It's business because not everyone can write or has time to write in a way that connects with their audience. And, every writer--even a great one--needs an editor. I take in the big picture view of your project to help shape your story--or message. The result is your words in your voice to reflect the best you. It's personal because I use compassion, empathy, and understanding to convey your thoughts and ideas into meaningful words.

What’s your story? I can’t wait to hear about it.



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