Jeni Chappelle

Jeni Chappelle Editorial


Charlotte, NC





I’m a professional editor who edits most genres but specializes in fantasy, soft science fiction, historical fiction, and mystery–and mashups of those genres–for middle grade and up. I’ve helped traditionally published authors like Angie Thomas (The Hate U Give), Erin Craig (House of Salt and Sorrows) and Shannon Price (A Thousand Fires), small-press authors like Janina Woods and Justine Manzano, self-published authors like Whitney Hill (The Otherside Series) and Melissa Koberlein, and hybrid authors like Amy Reade and Gayle Trent.

Whatever your path to publication, I’m here to guide you.

In my twelve years of editing (and a lifetime of word nerdiness), I’ve edited a wide variety of middle grade, young adult, and adult fiction and worked with over one hundred authors from all over the world, including bestselling and award-winning authors. I co-host two writing podcasts, Story Chat Radio and Indie Chicks, and volunteer with several communities that seek to help writers improve their craft. I consider myself a hobbit (minus the big, hairy feet) and live in a tiny town near Charlotte, NC with my family and way too many pets.


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