Jane Turner

33 South Textworks


Remote - UK



Fiction, Memoir, Business, Training Materials


Australian by birth, Scottish by choice, I'm a freelance editor following my passion - to make written work the best it can be.

Copy / line editing is what I do best, and love the most. I love making text shine by enhancing the language, tightening the grammar and punctuating for flow. My eye for detail will check for consistency and correctness, impact and engagement. Whether you have a manuscript, a website, articles or a training course, I can help turn your wooden-block stairs into a flowing, smooth staircase.

Think of me as the person with the sandpaper, smoothing the grain.

When I'm not in front of my computer helping all kinds of authors, I'm either reading, out walking, exploring Scotland, or I'm off in a field doing archery.


+44 (0)7305827412

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