Heather van der Hoop



Remote / Vancouver, BC



STEM, scientific, nonfiction, academic, outdoor adventure


It’s my job to help you finesse the details and add the final bit of polish that’ll make your writing shine.

I edit all kinds of projects, from blog posts and ebooks to academic research papers and dissertations, but I have a soft spot for scientific work and anything related to the outdoors. My background is in psychology and neuroscience, and I've edited projects in fields ranging from educational technology to marine mammal physiology to geology.

Big words and technical concepts don’t scare me. While I may not be able to check your science, I can make sure you nail your English and formatting. I don’t need to know what “phonospirometry” and “orthogneiss” mean to make sure you’ve spelled them consistently.*

I mainly work in AP Style and APA Style, and I’m comfortable working with in-house or university style guides. Find me on Twitter as @heathervdh and on LinkedIn at

*But I've learned: A technique that uses breath sounds to measure airflow into and out of the lungs, and a type of gneiss formed through metamorphism of igneous rocks.


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