George de Stefano

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nonfiction (trade and academic); academic; media; journalism; nonprofits


I am an accomplished editor (copy, line, developmental, editorial assessment) who has edited books (trade and academic) for major publishers, including Palgrave, Cambridge, Perseus, The Nation Books, and others. I've also edited academic articles. I work with authors, publishers, media companies, and nonprofit agencies. (My clients include the UN's World Food Program.) My subject matter expertise is broad -- arts and culture, history, social science, politics, food and nutrition, race/ethnicity, LGBT. As an author and journalist, I love working with writers; my goal is to help them to say what they want to say as effectively as possible. I am not intimidated by technical or specialized material (I have worked in public health, with physicians and research scientists). I also work with writers whose first language is not English. Have a writing project that needs an editor's eye? Get in touch to discuss how we can work together to meet your needs. My rates are affordable and in line with industry standards.



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