Gabrielle David

Distillate Ediiting





Academic editing. ESL editing. Science editing. Science writing. Chemistry (especially analytical, inorganic, organic, natural products), environmental science, forensic science, herbal and traditional medicines, microbiology, pharmacology and toxicology


Through editing, I enjoy finding the essence of the author’s story or research and extracting it. I look forward to collaborating with you to distill your work into a clear and enjoyable text for the reader while retaining your authentic voice.

I am an experienced freelance authors’ editor, and have specialized in editing scientific text since 2009. I am familiar with the styles and terminology required for a wide range of areas, and quickly adapt to projects that are outside of my main specialties.

With a PhD in chemistry, my own publication record, and experience presenting at conferences, I am able to assist with science writing and communication in many formats. I am available to work on journal articles, books and book chapters, grant reports and applications, conference presentations and abstracts, and more.

I have extensive experience working with scientists who are non-native English speakers, including during an internship at the United Nations in Thailand, and through editing hundreds of documents for authors primarily from Asia.

I am proficient at all levels of copy editing through to developmental or structural editing.

Please contact me to discuss your editorial needs.


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