Gabriele Schmitz

Thalia Linguistics





German and English copyediting, culture, politics, literature, education, fundraising, recipes, travel


After completing a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, I worked for ten years in direct mail fundraising and grant writing. Editing, proofreading, and translating (English-German/German-English) were integral parts of my fundraising work. More recently, I've worked as a copy editor for a publisher of an online world food database, as a translator of a book and training materials on mindfulness in the workplace, and as a proofreader in the marketing department of an organic convenience food company. Other professional experiences include teaching writing and literature to undergraduate students as well as transcribing handwritten letters from the old German script to modern German. I love working with language in all kinds of contexts—even packaging can tell a good story (or a really bad one). Trying to understand the inner workings of a manuscript and translating, transcribing or editing the content is a bit like detective work and that has great appeal for this avid reader of murder mysteries.



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