Fergus Paton






Academic, commercial, organisational


"Fergus was efficient, meticulous, sensitive, clearly informed, and engaged. [...] I especially appreciated that when he came across mistakes or ambiguities [...] he didn't simply ask for clarification but gave suggestions how to solve problems."
Prof. Gordana Yovanovich, editor "Re-Imagining Community & Civil Society in Latin America & the Caribbean"

Hello. I help you clarify what you want to say in words. All of us develop "screen blindness" when we work on a project for long enough, and that's when inconsistencies can creep into the text. Minor inconsistencies or distractions are inconsequential, but distractions that confuse your readers can affect your integrity, your reputation, or your business.
I can help to spot opportunities to better naturalize or localize the language, correct errors and query omissions or inconsistencies. I've been a professional copy editor and proofreader for about six years now, and I love it. If you'd like a fresh pair of eyes to look over your work before you submit it to a journal, upload it to a website, or commit it to print, please get in touch and let's discuss how I can help.


+44 7761 093 605

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