Ellen Hurst

Ellen A. Hurst Writing & Editing





Academic, Art, Art History, Nonfiction


I have a PhD in art history and more than a decade of experience working as a writer and editor. As an editor, I keep in mind the importance of the writing process and the distinct voice of the author. As a writer, I keep in mind the importance of creating clean, unambiguous text to make my arguments most effective. There's nothing I'd rather do!

I edit nonfiction—books, essays, and dissertations—on topics ranging from history to gender studies to art. I also edit fiction.

Mainly, (but by no means exclusively!) I write about art and history. I write art-related content for educational websites, museums, and nonprofit organizations. And I also write a good deal for myself on my website.

I live in Philadelphia, where I write, edit, research whatever new subject has come my way, and take lots of walks in the woods. I live in an old, stone row house with my husband and our two kids. We have two cats and a rescue dog.


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