Eliot West


Remote from Minneapolis, MN



romance, fantasy, interactive fiction, games, lgbtqia+, queer stories


Meticulous and friendly editorial services for romance, fantasy, interactive fiction, tabletop games, and more. Queer-inclusive imaginations, LGBTQIA+ creators, and happily-ever-afters are my jam!

I offer developmental editing for romance fiction (novels, novellas, stories, and interactive fiction) as well as line editing, copyediting, and proofreading for many types of texts. To learn more about how I can help with your project—from deep, individualized, big-picture feedback on your romance novel draft to a quick language tuneup on a short document—check out the services page at my website. And then I hope you'll be in touch: I'd love to hear about your project.

Why me?: An English literature PhD, romance fan, and incorrigible nerd as well as a professional editor, I’ve spent decades studying how genres, stories, and sentences work. Knowledgeable and passionate about inclusive language, I have particular interests in gender diversity, human sexuality, consent, and trauma and healing—a knowledge base that informs my edits and queries. (A note for creators of interactive fiction: I have extensive experience working with IF; I’m most familiar with ChoiceScript and typically edit in Sublime Text.) I'm also reliable, prompt, and pleasant to work with.


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