Dr. D. Olson Pook





Academic, Business Prose, Non-Fiction


I’m an editor. Officially, my job is to fine-tune other people’s writing.

But in reality what I do is help smart, creative writers and organizations find the clearest way to express the complexity of what they’re thinking.

I combine 20 years of experience of copy and line editing with proofreading and feedback on composition and style to produce engaging and flawless prose. Over that time I’ve edited dissertations, revised non-fiction books, developed marketing copy, written business blogs, and proofread training guides. As a result, I’m able to find the right voice for your audience while translating your words into streamlined sentences and fine-tuned paragraphs.

No matter what kind of project you’re engaged in, if you’re stuck in the weeds or just strapped for time, I can help you reach the finish line and produce a product you’ll recognize as your best thinking artfully articulated.


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