Dorothy Lovia Hammond

Red Ink Comma





Academic (Humanities), Textbooks, Fiction, Blogposts, Articles (non-academic), Opinion Editorials, Creative Non-fiction


As an insatiably curious logophile, my childhood was spent burying my face in dictionaries.

I have proofread and copyedited intermittently since 2012.

In 2013, I had a stint with a publishing house where I had an impactful learning experience about publishing. These experiences, coupled with my BA in English & Sociology, and my current status as an MPhil in English student, propelled me to set up this freelance boutique: Red Ink Comma.

Since I started RIC, I have copy-edited and proofread about 13,000 pages. This does not reflect auxiliary services rendered such as cross-references, pagination, and assisting typesetters in effecting changes. I have also written opinion-editorials and speeches for high ranking Ghanaian personalities and banks.

I have strong opinions about the Oxford comma, and nothing brings me more joy than helping an author relay their intended vision via words. Let's work together - your words, precisely.



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