Don Cicchelli

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My primary goal as an editor is to achieve author-editor collaboration that inspires and empowers you, so that your work shines at its brightest and delivers maximum reader satisfaction. I look forward to discussing my developmental editing and copy editing services with you to determine if POV’s approach is the right fit for your needs.

I support you with insightful and discerning editorial judgment and solutions. Additionally, I respect your courage to create and the reader’s desire to be moved, hence I work diligently to preserve your voice and promote reader satisfaction. Finally, I prize strong author-editor collaboration and strive to inspire and empower my author clients, because doing so is intrinsically beneficial to authors and readers alike.

I provide trusted developmental editing and copy editing services to authors of literary fiction, upmarket fiction, and the following genres of popular fiction: mystery, suspense, fantasy, science fiction, and historical fiction.

POV’s flexible service packages are designed to assist authors with various needs, from seasoned authors who seek only a manuscript evaluation, to less experienced authors who seek more comprehensive editorial solutions presented in a what-why-how format. Please see my website for complete details and rates.


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