Domenica Newell-Amato, PhD

Content Editing Lab, LLC





Academic copy editing, memoir, translation out of French, writing web content


Dr. Amato earned her Ph.D. in French literature from Emory University (2009) and is an expert in academic copy editing. With a Professional Sequence in Editing from UC Berkeley, she has edited dissertations/manuscripts in deaf culture, French studies, theology, art history, media studies, literary theory, education, and philosophy. She has edited references & manuscripts for Gallaudet University Press, Rutgers University Press, and Lexington Books.

Dr. Amato offers French-English translation, and has done archival research/translation for Simon & Schuster. Her expertise includes fluency in French & Italian and expertise in literature, European history, and Caribbean studies.

Dr. Amato writes content for websites. She has designed university curriculum and study abroad programs, led workshops at national conferences, and given talks on French culture at conferences and museums.

For 15 years as Professor of French & Italian, Dr. Amato taught grammar/literature in French, Italian, & English, working with students on writing at EIU and Utica College. She published her research in a book chapter with Hollitzer and in French Review. She also published a documentary and a guest editorial in the Journal of Health Communication on what lessons the arts hold for medicine & public health and created content for an Italian textbook.



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