Diane E. Baumer

Shaded Path Publishing





Nonfiction—memoir, self-help, animal/nature writing, general essays; short fiction; business correspondence


I'm a writer and copyeditor with over thirty (30) years of professional experience and academic work in psychiatric nursing, anthropology, international studies, and animal behavior/care. I have worked on numerous editing projects at my full-time jobs and as a freelancer, including several book-length and professional manuscripts, resumes, training and policy/procedural manuals, and newsletters.

I have a master's degree in creative writing and a certificate in copyediting from UCSD-Extended Studies, and I work primarily with The Chicago Manual of Style, but I have also edited using AMA, APA, and a variety of house styles.

My favorite clients are indie and first-time authors who have a story to tell. I'm not interested in rewriting my clients' stories, but rather in helping bring structure and clarity to the work without sacrificing their unique voice.

Because I have both personal and academic/work experience in mental health, epilepsy, aging, and chronic pain conditions, I can also provide sensitivity readings for clients who may need a second look for accuracy and clarity.



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