Debora A. Schwartz

DAS6 Editing


Bellingham, WA or Remote



Nonfiction, technical, digital content


Organizing content, fixing mechanical errors, and creating consistency is my specialty. My goal as an editor is to enhance a writer’s work while fulfilling the client’s needs whether it be restructuring content for effectiveness and clarity, correcting spelling and grammar, adhering to a set style, or being the last set of eyes before it is presented to the world.

While collaborating with individual authors on personal works, be it an essay, a blog entry, or their memoir, I like to advocate myself as an ally, not an authority. As a writer myself, I understand the time and devotion that goes into expressing one’s thoughts and ideas onto paper. When there is the added layer of confronting and confessing deeply personal experiences, the emotional effect can be profound. Our written work is a part of us—and I remind myself of that with each project.

My interests are vast, but to name a few: memoir, outdoor recreation, travel guides and blogs, culture, self-improvement, environment, wildlife, cookbooks, and pet care. I am open to other possibilities!

If you are looking for someone who is dependable and communicative, I would love to hear from you.


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