DeAnna Burghart





Business nonfiction, including project management, sustainability, management, leadership, and training


You need an experienced editorial professional who understands not just grammar and style, but also the unique demands of B2B and B2C business communication. I can provide that expertise for everything from investor communication to website copy, from business and leadership books to training documentation and manuals.

My experience includes over 16 years of editorial work (both salaried and freelance) and over two decades in business, with a special focus on project management, website management, and dot-coms. My credentials include several book-length credits, and I have worked with both major publishers and self-published authors. Over the years I've been privileged to work with talented writers from countries all over the world, many of whom speak and write English as a second or even third language. These authors compliment me on my sensitivity, clarity, and deft hand in editing. Colleagues and clients describe me as dedicated, bright, and adaptable.

My portfolio includes business, motivational, and leadership books; blogs; newsletters; presentation scripts; editorial columns; training scripts and manuals; legal documents; and investor communication.

Subject matter expertise: project management, communication, leadership, management. Avid interest in politics, education, autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and Asperger's Syndrome, health care, astronomy, family history, and more.



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